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Flora Groling Lovin’ Planet Earth Designer Kids T-shirt

Flora Groling Lovin’ Planet Earth Designer Kids T-shirt

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Introducing the official ‘Flora Groling... I'm Lovin' Planet Earth’ Kids T-shirt, a delightful tee that embodies the spirit of the remarkable role of Flora Groling in nurturing and recruiting the Grolings who care for our planet. Created with love by renowned children's author Amanda Walsh and beautifully illustrated by Anne Zimanski, this t-shirt combines style, comfort, and a powerful message of love for our Earth.

The Grolings made their debut in ‘Matisse and the Topsy-Turvy Farm,’ an enchanting instalment of ‘The Curious Adventures of Matisse the Cat’ series. As the caretaker and leader of the Grolings, Flora dedicates her efforts to recruit and guide these tireless beings who work diligently to protect and nurture everything that grows on our planet.

Join Flora Groling and the Grolings on a transformative journey of love and care for our planet. As she inspires her Grolings to be responsible custodians of our Earth, fostering a sustainable future filled with love, compassion, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature.

100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton

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