It's here! The new Curious Adventure 'Matisse Tickles Time' First Edition

Hello everyone,

Today, I am beyond excited to announce the publication of the first edition of 'Matisse Tickles Time,' the latest addition in the Curious Adventure of Matisse the Cat series. As the author, Amanda Walsh, it has been an absolute joy to craft this time-travelling tale that will whisk you away on an extraordinary journey.

In 'Matisse Tickles Time,' our curious feline friend finds himself embarking on an accidental time-travel adventure like no other. With dinosaurs roaming the land, robots buzzing around, and intelligent pets as companions, Matisse's escapades are bound to leave you on the edge of your seat.

The story unfolds when Hugh, Matisse's beloved boy, ventures off to the Science Museum, leaving our protagonist home alone. It is in this moment of solitude that Matisse stumbles upon an unexpected opportunity. A slightly open garage door beckons him inside, where he discovers a beautifully restored motorbike, tempting him with its allure.

Unbeknownst to Matisse, his mischievous encounter is about to take a wild turn. Startled by the cuckoo clock's chimes, he inadvertently starts the motorbike, triggering a series of events that catapult him into a prehistoric land, teeming with towering vegetation and awe-inspiring dinosaurs. Along for the ride is Markus, a stowaway mouse who adds his own touch of mischief to the adventure.

As Matisse and Markus navigate this primordial landscape, they stumble upon a surprising discovery—the hollow of a massive tree hiding a secret that changes their path. Working together, they embark on a mission to rescue a baby dinosaur, showcasing the remarkable bond that can form even amidst the most unexpected circumstances.

But their journey doesn't end there. In an unforeseen twist, Matisse and Markus find themselves hurtling into the future, surrounded by soaring skyscrapers, robots, and futuristic flying cars. It is here that they encounter Intelligent Pet robots, or I.P.s for short, who propose a visit to the renowned Mech Bot. Known for fixing all things mechanical, Mech Bot might just hold the key to Matisse's way back home.

In Mech Bot's garage, however, a startling revelation dawns upon our time-travelling duo. The motorbike, which brought them to this unfamiliar future, cannot transport them back to their own time or place. Faced with this dilemma, the I.P.s guide them toward their next hope—Time Bot, a renowned expert in all matters concerning time manipulation.

Whisked away in a skycar, Matisse and Markus find themselves at Time Bot's workshop, where they share their extraordinary story. Inquisitive as ever, Time Bot becomes intrigued by Markus's smartwatch, sensing that it might hold the secret to their much-desired return home.

Will Markus's smartwatch unlock the mystery of their journey through time? Can Matisse and Markus find a way to navigate the past, present, and future to reunite with Hugh? Join us on this thrilling adventure as 'Matisse Tickles Time' reveals the answers and unravels the true power of friendship, resilience, and the bonds that transcend time itself.

Whether you're a long-time fan of the Curious Adventure of Matisse the Cat series or just discovering it for the first time, this first edition is sure to leave an indelible mark on your literary adventures. Join Matisse and Markus as they navigate the complexities of time, encountering breathtaking wonders and overcoming unexpected challenges along the way.

I am immensely grateful to Anne Zimanski for her continuous support and dedication to Matisse and his curious adventures. She has made 'Matisse Tickles Time' an immersive and visually stunning experience for readers of all ages. I would also like to thank the brilliant theoretical physicist and writer, Carlo Rovelli, for allowing me to include a cameo of him in Time Bot's workshop. His book 'The Order of Time' was the inspiration for writing 'Matisse Tickles Time'.

I invite you to get your hands on the first edition of 'Matisse Tickles Time' and lose yourself in the magic of Matisse's extraordinary journey. May this story awaken your sense of wonder, inspire your own adventures, and remind you that even in the face of the unknown, the bonds of friendship and the pursuit of curiosity can lead us to incredible places.

Thank you for joining me on this thrilling introduction to 'Matisse Tickles Time.' Let us dive into the pages of this curious adventure together and experience the joy of travelling through time with our beloved feline friend.

Until our paths cross again, happy reading and may your own adventures be as extraordinary as Matisse's!

Warmest regards,

Amanda Walsh

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