Matisse the Cat...

A Captivating Addition to Your Retail Collection.

Dear Retailers,

We are delighted to present Matisse the Cat, a heartwarming and enchanting range of products that will undoubtedly add a touch of charm and whimsy to your retail offering. As a respected supplier of quality merchandise, we invite you to explore the opportunity of stocking our delightful range of Matisse the Cat products.

Why Matisse the Cat?

Matisse the Cat has garnered a devoted following, captivating readers young and old with his endearing tales and charming adventures. Our collection boasts an array of enchanting titles that transport readers to imaginative worlds, making it the perfect addition to any retail outlet seeking to create an enjoyable shopping experience for their clientele.

Flexible Trade Agreements

We understand the importance of offering flexible trade agreements that align with the unique needs of your business. As such, we are pleased to offer two mutually beneficial options:

  1. Sale or Return Basis: With this option, you have the peace of mind to experiment with Matisse the Cat products on your shelves without committing to a fixed inventory.
  2. Fixed Order Basis: For those retailers confident in the appeal of Matisse the Cat, we offer the traditional fixed order basis,

Supportive Partnership

Upon partnering with us, we go the extra mile to ensure your retail success. As an expression of our commitment to your success, we provide:

  • A crate display with book stand, thoughtfully designed to showcase Matisse the Cat products in an eye-catching and accessible manner, enhancing customer engagement.
  • A starter stock kit, featuring an array of our most popular titles and adorable Matisse plush toy cats. This introductory kit will jumpstart your journey with Matisse the Cat and help you gauge your customers preferences.

Displaying Matisse the Cat

We kindly request that you display Matisse the Cat in a suitable location within your retail outlet, ensuring his charming paws are visible to your customers. This strategic placement will undoubtedly attract attention and evoke curiosity, leading to increased interest and sales.

Efficient Stock Management

To streamline our partnership, we will maintain regular communication with you. Every four weeks, we will request a stock update, enabling us to optimise your inventory.

For sale or return agreements, we will invoice you only for the products sold, easing your administrative burden. Additionally, to alleviate any logistical concerns, we will cover the carriage costs.

Contact Us Today

Partnering with Matisse the Cat is not just an opportunity to expand your product range; it's an invitation to offer your customers an experience they will cherish. Join us in bringing the endearing world of Matisse the Cat to your retail space, and let our enchanting products weave their magic in the hearts of your customers.

To get started, please contact us at or via the contact form on this website.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities of this exciting partnership and welcoming Matisse the Cat into your store.