Who are The Navages?

Hello, everyone!

I am thrilled to share with you the magical world of The Navages, as featured in my book, 'Matisse and the Gold Chocolate Coin,' part of The Curious Adventures of Matisse the Cat series. As the author of this tale, I invite you to join me on a journey through Navages Wood, a place where friendships blossom, secrets unravel, and the wonders of nature come alive. Inspired by my love for Wales, Welsh Gold, and, of course, chocolate, this story will transport you to a realm of imagination and enchantment. So, let's embark on this extraordinary adventure together!

Navages Wood: A Place of Mystery and Wonder.  Every day, as I peered out of my kitchen window, Navages Wood beckoned me with its mystical allure. The idea struck me—why not take Matisse the Cat into this captivating woodland and introduce readers to its magical inhabitants? Thus, Matisse and the Gold Chocolate Coin was born, blending elements of Welsh folklore, the allure of Welsh Gold, and my passion for chocolate. This picturesque setting in Wales adds a touch of mystique and charm to the story, providing a backdrop as captivating as the tales it inspired.

Meet the Navages: Central to the story are the Navages, extraordinary creatures born from the saplings of grand and majestic trees. These enchanting beings serve as protectors, ensuring the longevity and well-being of their respective trees for generations to come. In 'Matisse and the Gold Chocolate Coin,' readers will encounter seven Navages: Ash, Birch, Chestnut, Elm, Pine, Oak, and Yew. Each Navage boasts a leaf plume that perfectly matches the foliage of its tree, making it a delightful challenge for readers to identify them as they journey through the wood.

The Whimble: Within every woodland, a caretaker emerges to oversee the well-being of its inhabitants. In Navages Wood, the Whimble takes on this crucial role, tending to the needs of all creatures and ensuring the harmony of the forest. The Whimble's presence adds a layer of mystery and wisdom to the story, exemplifying the importance of nurturing and safeguarding our natural world.

In 'Matisse and the Gold Chocolate Coin,' I wanted to capture the essence of our connection with nature and honor the rich heritage of Wales. The captivating tales of Welsh Gold, the mythical creatures that inhabit these lands, and the unmistakable presence of dragons all find their place within this curious adventure. Through the Navages and their guardianship, readers are reminded of the inherent beauty of our natural surroundings and the significance of cherishing and preserving our environment.

Seek out the Navages as you immerse yourself in the world of 'Matisse and the Gold Chocolate Coin,' I encourage you to let your imagination take flight. Explore the captivating Navages Wood, embark on another thrilling adventure with Matisse the Cat, and marvel at the wonders of the natural world. And who knows, on your next woodland excursion, you might just spot a Navage or two, their leaf plumes shimmering in harmony with the trees they protect.

I invite you to dive into the enchanting world of The Navages, where magic, friendship, and Welsh heritage intertwine. As you turn each page, may your imagination soar alongside Matisse the Cat and discover the profound beauty of our natural world.

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