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The Secret Tale of Spud Groling

The Secret Tale of Spud Groling

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Discover the touching tale of a little potato, chosen by Flora (Mother Groling) to care for vegetable plants all over the world. Learn how the baby potato saves an ailing old man's vegetable patch from drought, while he's unable to tend to his garden.

In summer, the little potato asks the weeds to holiday somewhere else.  The ground is very dry, so he rolls around the garden, making a crazy maze of ditches that links up to
the big water bucket at the far end of the garden.  The robin agrees to turn on the tap, and they manage to keep the vegetables watered throughout the season.  When he returns to his garden, the old man is overjoyed by the sight of his vegetable patch.  So is someone else!

Author (Amanda Walsh)

Illustrator (Anne Zimanski)

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